Bank Holiday Inspiration

Enjoy a ‘Salcombe & Tonic’ on board your yacht or Salcombe and Tonic Hamper if you are around Salcombe this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Born out of a love of gin and a dream to produce the finest white spirit in the world within one of the most stunning coastal towns, co-founders Howard Davies and Angus Lugsdin who met over 20 years ago working as sailing instructors at the Island Cruising Club in Salcombe, decided to create Salcombe Gin.

Salcombe Gin, the adventurous luxury spirit embodying the lifestyle on and around water, is for those with a venturous soul.

This super smooth gin is produced using thirteen carefully selected botanicals distilled in a single, 60-litre, copper pot still with the finest English wheat spirit and a precise blend of hand-peeled ruby grapefruit, lemon and lime peels to give a refreshing citrus edge. It is then blended with pure Dartmoor water to produce a gin of extraordinary quality and elegance.

Salcombe is known for its crystal clear blue water, golden sand and exceptional Salcombe Gin from Salcombe Distilling Co.





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