Waterdrop® appoints ANM Comms

ANM are delighted to welcome Waterdrop® to their portfolio of clients.  ANM is responsible for launching Waterdrop®, the world’s first ‘microdrink’ designed to make the most of each glass of water and inspire the drinking of more water each and every day, into the UK market via a programme of targeted media relations, events and sampling activity

Waterdrop® is for individuals who want to maintain their hydration levels but drink less bottled water or sugary drinks in plastic bottles or cans. Waterdrop® has been introduced to enrich tap water consumption by elevating the taste experience with fresh and fruity extracts from around the world, as well as providing greater functionality with valuable vitamins.

Waterdrops are small cubes called Microdrinks that enrich water with natural fruit and plant extracts and create a fresh and fruity flavour. Waterdrop® innovation has found a way to compress the best natural ingredients into a small cube. The sugar-free Microdrink turns water into a refreshing beverage full of botanical extracts from the finest regions in the world.

Waterdrop® relies on local water resources (tap or filtered water), helping to massively reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry. The innovative Waterdrop® sleeve can be recycled and saves 97% plastic and tonnes of transport weight compared to conventionally bottled beverages. Just the closure of a traditional 0.5l plastic bottle has more plastic than 10 of Waterdrops totalling 2.7g. Not to mention the 10 bottles themselves (about 300 grams) and the 5-litre transport weight, which are currently being sent senselessly from continent to continent.

Based in London and operating internationally, ANM is an insight-driven communications agency specialising in targeting aspirant, consumer audiences created in 2018 through a merger of two leading luxury consultancies. ANM operate across food & drink, place-making, design, watches & jewellery, menswear, technology, travel and the arts.


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