ANM Creates Challenger Brand Division in Merger with Award-Winning Drinks PR Agency LDR CREATIVE

We are delighted to announce that ANM have joined forces with award-winning drinks PR agency LDR CREATIVE, to launch a challenger brand division for the global drinks industry as part of ANM’s on-going programme of expansion and acquisition.

The merger will give LDR brands access to ANM’s integrated communications service suite; media relations, experiential, influencer programmes, brand partnerships, brand strategy, design, media buying, and ANM’s established network of 10 global agencies, from the USA to Asia.

Simultaneously, ANM Comms will give established market leaders access to the mindset, energy and creative thinking that defines challenger brands and makes them always culturally relevant.

“The rise in challenger drinks brands needing the right mix of strategic brand and marketing expertise to position properly in the market, then rapidly scale up and sell directly to consumers, is unprecedented” says Louis de Rohan, Founder of LDR CREATIVE and Creative Strategist at ANM. “To achieve that in a post COVID world where business must be leaner and marketing integration significantly sharper, brands need access to more expertise under one roof. ANM’s lifestyle brand PR knowledge and expertise is second to none and will unlock powerful opportunities to make drinks brands part of everyone’s everyday lifestyle.”

“LDR’s expertise and approach to drinks brands is highly respected and makes a commercial difference to both their clients’ bottom line and brand equity,” says Dominic McCarthy, Founding Partner of ANM Comms. “We are excited to have access to their entrepreneurial approach and it will supplement our 25 years of drinks brand building experience and is a crucial step in our ambitious long-term growth strategy.”

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