Low Alcohol, Low Calorie Wine by Black Tower Hits the Spot this Summer

B by Black Tower, a low alcohol, low calorie range, from the UK’s favourite German wine brand, is a great option for health-conscious wine drinkers looking to have fun this summer.

With interest in health and wellbeing at an all-time high, the B by Black Tower 5.5% range is an excellent alternative for those hot summer nights and clean-living consumers, looking to limit their alcohol consumption but not go totally dry in July!

Furthermore, at only 55 calories per 125ml glass, the B range contains over 30% less calories than standard 9.5% vol. wines, making it the perfect choice for those individuals looking for something fun, light and refreshing to enjoy mid-week.

Black Tower Brand Manager, Esther Schumacher from Reh Kendermann said: “Low and alcohol-free wines have been an important branch of our business for many years now and consumers are undeniably becoming more conscious about their drinking habits leading them to look for alternative options.”

“The B by Black Tower range gives our customers the freedom to enjoy a glass or two of delicious wine without the guilt factor, so it comes as no surprise that it continues to be a popular choice this summer.”

The B by Black Tower 5.5% range offers summer drinkers a lower calorie, lower alcohol glass of wine without compromising on taste. The range is available at the following retailers: ASDA, Morrisons, B&M Retail, Home Bargains with bottles priced at £3.25 nationwide.


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